Pizza Hut Ordering App

Pizza Hut Ordering App


The pizza market is fiercely competitive. Loyalty is low, with many customers switching brands over price changes that are only a dollar or two. In this market, every channel counts, and Pizza Hut is continuously monitoring consumer demand for new opportunities and insights that can help give it the edge.

Years ago, the assumption was that customers would much rather call to place an order than attempt to use a mobile interface. But as mobile devices got increasingly more elegant and powerful and smart phones became a way of life, it became clear that mobile was going to be an important battleground for the pizza market. Pizza Hut's first mobile app had been relatively successful, but had been based around the wrong assumptions.


We overhauled their iPhone ordering application based around new insights that had emerged in the last few years of mobile usage.

Firstly, the app was redesigned around common conventions that users were familiar with. Rather than an interface that they had to learn how to use, we created an interface that was so easy to use, a user wouldn't even notice it.

Second, it got to know them over time. The app remembers your order history, favourite stores, and favourite menu items, making it easier and easier to place orders the more you use the app.

Finally, you could create your own pizza hut menu. Almost every item in the Pizza Hut range has customisable toppings. We added the ability for users to save and rename their customisations, making it easier than ever to be particular about your pizza.


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  • Half a million new users in 6 months
  • Over a million users updating to the new app


  • 3 weeks after launch, an increase of average order value by 110%
  • 6 months after launch, an increase of average order value by over 250%


  • Increase in Mobile App order volume by 300%


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