Pure Mix

The Challenge

Many vodka drinkers don't differentiate between brands beyond price and packaging. Our challenge was to bring to life the new Smirnoff brand positioning of "the best drinks start pure", and highlight the purity of the Smirnoff 21 Vodka.


Hip Hop "Super Producer" Pharrell was the new brand ambassador for Smirnoff. The new commercial for the campaign showed fans that his music always starts with a blank canvas, before beats and other layers are added to create the perfect track.

We gave Smirnoff's Facebook fans a taste of that experience.

The "Pure Mix" music app was built so that anyone could easily create a great sounding, unique track. However, there was also enough complexity under the surface so that the musically inclined could remix, tweak and build more complicated loops.

Beyond simply sharing a track with friends, users could also remix their friends' tracks and create their own versions, allowing them to collaborate and produce the perfect track.

To launch the app, our local ambassador, DJ Anna Lunoe, created a track which was featured on Facebook and given to the mainstream media on the launch day of the campaign.

How we did it

MullenLowe Profero built the Pure Mix Facebook Application, a music generator that allowed the Smirnoff Facebook community to step into the shoes of a music producer, no matter their level of experience.

Users were encouraged to make their own short tracks, starting from a blank canvas and using beats, instrumental loops and vocals to generate their own eclectic masterpiece. The tool was for everyone, meaning that even the most musical layman could generate a beat with a few clicks, while those that wanted to invest more time could go deeper.

In addition, fans had the ability to remix each others tracks. This created a uniquely social way for fans to engage both with the brand and each other, and set the app up for the long term as part of the brands Facebook community content


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1 2 3 4



  • 7,500 users per week at the height of the campaign.
  • Over 16,000 unique users in the months the above the line campaign was airing, and many thousands more since.


  • The Pure Mix app lives on in Smirnoff's Facebook page many months after conversation and competitions.
  • Some pretty damn good music made by non-musicians.


  • Hundreds of unique tracks saved and published to the galleries, creating over 20,000 media impressions from Facebook shares alone.