Purity Tester


To develop an engaging distraction in bars and clubs that would reinforce the notion of Smirnoff as one of the purest vodkas on the market, and encourage the purchase of Smirnoff during a night out.


We created the Smirnoff Purity Tester - a way for people to quickly scan their Facebook account history and generate a "digital purity" rating.

In order to enhance someone's night out, we needed to connect with their social experience right then and there. Bars and clubs are social venues, so our app needed to provide either the catalyst for conversation in a group, or a short burst of entertainment for someone left on their own for a few moments as a friend did a bar run or went to the bathroom. A simple coaster directed them to a digital experience that got the conversation started when their friends returned.

After generating their 'digital purity' ratings, punters were recommended a cocktail that matched their level of purity.

How we did it

Using Facebook Connect within a Mobile optimised website, we ran a complex algorithm against the persons historical Facebook activity, applying a set of scores against defined keywords and activity. This assigned the person one of 8 ratings, scaled between pure and non-pure, each matched to a unique Smirnoff cocktail.

Coasters placed around bars were utilised to raise awareness of the app and drive uptake in the on-premise environment. This was the perfect moment to grab someone during their night while they waiting for their friends to come back from the bar. Once they had completed their profile, it was only natural to compare their rating with their friends once they returned.


1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4



  • Thousands of unique purity profiles created.
  • In-bar mobile usage encouraged app usage by many more friends at home, who saw it on Facebook.


  • Created a genuine social hook for conversation, starting many online arguments about the results along the way.


  • Got many punters talking about product purity in an environment where it is usually a very low consideration.