Migrate with A380

The Challenge

Lufthansa's RenRen.com social network account has been launched for over 3 years. To tackle the dropping popularity of RenRen.com, there was a need to move all the RenRen fans to the new raising social platform, Sina Weibo. However fans need sound reasons to be persuaded to join the move.


Melt worries of fans on RenRen.com, we educated them that weibo is full of interesting and exciting information they need. Most importantly, there would be heart seizer incentive over Sina Weibo to appreciate the move!

In Chinese, the word "Migration" means movement with improvement and rewards. We launched the "Migrate with A380" campaign on RenRen.com and offer customized boarding pass for each participants by displaying their name on virtual boarding pass, making them eligible for lucky draw with an incentive of inflated A380 plane.

At the same time, welcoming activities were launched on Sina Weibo where a series of fans rewarding activities with simple mechanism, giving away heart seizer incentives such cameras, limited edition teddy bears, lonely planet and even return tickets to fans, making the migration to Sina weibo a real celebration.


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Gallery-1 Gallery-2 Gallery-3 Gallery-4 Gallery-5



  • Over 100,000 interactions on Sina Weibo activities


  • Over 30,000 new fans followed our Sina Weibo, accounted for 80% of the active fans from the previous RenRen.com


  • At the end of day, it is not just about numbers. The migration once again proven to the fans that Lufthansa has been connecting with the fans with giving them the better over time - Non Stop You.


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